If staying for less than 3 months, entry will be be with minimum formalities provided your travel documents are in order.All that is required is a valid passport acceptable in Zimbabwe, a return ticket to your country and sufficient funds to cover your stay.Visas are required by South Africans and Ghana passport holders however these can now be obtained free of charge at the port of entry.

The following passport holders do not require visas: Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Botswana, Canada, Fiji, Granada, Guyana, Jamaica, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Mauritius, Namibia, Singapore, Swaziland, Sweden, Tanzania, Tonga, Trinidad, Tobago, UK and Zambia. For passport holders not mentioned above prior arrangements will have to be made to obtain visas before entering the Victoria Falls. Further more seen as entry requirement can change it will be advisable to obtain updates before traveling to the Victoria Falls.Countries not mentioned above visas can be obtained at the port of entry for USD30.00.

Certificate of yellow fever is required by those traveling from effected areas. When intending to visit Victoria Falls travelers are advised to take anti-malaria tablets as a precaution prior, during and after the visit.

As a visitor travelers are allowed to bring: Personal and other articles, including clothing, which are intended for own use and not intended to be left behind.If travelers are 18 and over they may include 5 liters of alcoholic beverages of which not more than 2 liters may be spirits.

When flying out a departure fee is payable directly to the authorities before boarding. The stamp is obtainable from banks or other authorized dealers and at the airport itself.

Nonresident: USD 20.0

Please note that the fee is payable per passport by anyone over 12 years of age. Operating crew, transit passengers connecting within 24 hours from the same airport and children under 12 years are exempt from paying the tax.

If firearms are brought to Victoria Falls by travelers they must be declared at customs.

A permit must be obtained well before the time by the Director of Veterinary Services.

International driving permits and valid licenses issued in Zambia, Malawi, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Swaziland are valid. A visitor from any other country may for at least 90 days use valid licenses issued by the competent authority in that country. If not printed in English it should have a certificate of authority and validity, or a translation of the text with a photograph of the bearer attached.

Vechiles drive on the left hand side of the road and give way to traffic approaching on the road to your right at uncontrolled intersections. The general speed limit is 100 km/h and 60 km/h in urban areas but Victoria Falls being an area with animals supreme caution is advised whilst driving especially at night.

Victoria Falls being located in to the south of the equator, the seasons are the reverse of those in the Northern hemisphere with midsummer at Christmas and winter lasting from May to August. In winter the days are generaly dry and sunny with temperature averaging 15 to 20 degrees. Light to medium wieght clothing is generally sufficient with a warm coat or wollens to wear outdoors on overcast or windy days.

In summer temperatures average 25-30 degrees during the day, with the hottest month being October with temperatures exceed 32 degrees. Light clothing is essential and is advisable to wear a hat. During the rainy season November to March, a cardigan might be needed in the evenings.